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Hi I'm Abbey Barnes, the creator of Duckling in Space and  proud to be an independent Melbourne designer. Everything I put out into the world went through my hands. I create all of the fabric artwork for each design using found objects, paints, crafts, vintage artworks and photographs and I collaborate with Melbourne based pattern makers and manufacturers to design and sew all clothing pieces.


I am inspired by ice cream hues, magical landscapes and my favourite songs and stories. 

I keep waste to a minimum and fashion is slow. 

My story starts out with a love of film and I hold a Masters of Design Science, majoring in Film and the Digital Image from the University of Sydney. 

As a child of the 90's I loved fabric painting and bejewelling all of my clothes.


I love that running my own design label allows me the opportunity to explore and express my creativity, whilst also collaborating with other inspiring creatives for all aspects of the business, from the design stage, through to photoshoots, to working with independent retailers that are passionate about supporting local and ethical designers.  



All clothing for Duckling In Space is manufactured locally in Melbourne using ethically compliant suppliers and producers. 

I focus on small scale production practices and where possible, encourage customers to pre order new arrival stock, to reduce waste and avoid over production.

I am involved in every stage of the making process, but also work with other local skilled makers and suppliers for elements such as pattern making, cutting, sewing and fabric printing, to name a few.

Through this collective mentality, we create a synergy that supports the local economy and creates a quality garment that is produced not just in Australia, but almost entirely in Melbourne. 

When you buy from Duckling In Space, your support flows through to many others, whose salaries and working conditions are held to Australian standards, making you a key player in the fashion revolution.   

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